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SeaTac Garage Door Repair | Should I Insulate My Garage Door?

Many garage doors that are purchased today come with insulation. However, it you have a door that is not insulated, you might be wondering if you should insulate your garage door.

When You Shouldn’t Insulate Your Garage Door

The type of garage you have dictates your decision to insulate. If you have an attached garage it is a good idea to insulate your garage door. However, if you have a detached garage, it may not make sense to go to the expense of insulating the garage door.

Why You Should Insulate Your Garage Door

Insulating your garage door will help prevent the loss of heat from your home in the winter and keep you home cooler in the summer. Your garage is like having an extra room to your house, however that room is not temperature controlled like the rest of your home. A garage will get cold during the winter, and hot during the summer. These changes in temperature are absorbed by your house and can result in heat loss during the winter, or heating up in the summer.

To prevent such drastic changes in temperature in your garage you can insulate the garage door. This helps moderate the temperature in the garage so not as much heat is lost from the house during the summer or transferred into the house during the summer.

How to Insulate Your Garage Door

If you are wanting to insulate your garage door, you should start by placing weather stripping at the bottom of the door. This will help to eliminate some of the draftiness of the door. You can then purchase an insulation kit from your local home improvement store. These do-it-yourself kits are about $60.00.

If you are not a do-it-yourselfer, you can have it installed for you. Just contact your garage door service company.
If you have an attached garage, insulating your garage door is a no-brainer. Doing so will moderate temperatures in your garage preventing heat loss from your home and saving you money. Insulate your garage door today.


The possibilities of an empty garage are endless. They are the necessary space with which we can do whatever we please. Most people can testify that garages are great for storage. They have been used as storage units since their creation in the 1920’s. From housing our vehicles, to serving as workshops for our every hobby, garage doors inhibit many roles. However, there are certain things that should never be stored in a garage.

First and foremost, no humans should be stored in a garage.  This may seem a rudimentary or obvious tidbit of advice, but many unfortunates are housed in garages across the globe.  Humans must have space to unwind and relax, but a garage does not provide ample space for this basic need.  Garages are home to rats, raccoons, spiders, cats, and even the occasional skunk.  All of these animals have the potential to cause serious bodily injury to anyone who stands in their path—especially spiders.  Spiders are by far the most disgusting inhabitants of a garage—of the world!—and should never have the privilege of spending any company with a human. The same line of logic makes obvious three pertinent facts: a) Large animals such as cows or dinosaurs should not be kept in the garage, but  b) Housing said animals would be decreasing their quality of life, and c) Housing any living creature in the garage sucks and shouldn’t even be considered.  Leave the garage space for inanimate objects!

Fragile sculptures, china dishes, and other valuables should not be stored in the garage, for obvious reasons.  If you or another charged into the garage without full control of the car, these items wouldn’t stand a chance.  Said situation would be the literal interpretation of the old saying: “like a bull in a china shop.”—A thousand pound mechanical bull!

It’s also good to note that in San Francisco, it is illegal to store anything except your car in your garage.  Not that this matters to you, but if you ever want to move to the city by the bay, it’s good to know, right!?

However you utilize the space, be sure that your garage is a force for positive storage ideas.  To really feel good about the contents of your garage, store earthquake kits, extra clothes for strangers, or surfboards. You will be happy that you made the smart storage choice.

SeaTac Garage Doors | All About Garage Door Rollers

Your garage door is making  a loud popping noise and you just can’t figure what it could be. Well, the most common reason for your garage door to make that popping noise may be because of your garage door rollers. What happens to the rollers, if not maintained properly just as any other mechanical objects in this world, lacked TLC, or some Tender Loving and Care, and it’s time to show your garage door system some love If your garage door is not maintained, the result of frayed rollers or even worn out rollers can be the cause of your garage door making that popping noise you keep hearing every time you open or close it. Instead of just getting by with what you have and attempting to maintain it on your own, have a garage door professional come by and advise you on exactly what you can do to keep your garage door, especially your rollers, from falling apart. In the long run, having someone come by and taking a look at your garage door just to be sure that it is the garage door rollers only and nothing else. But be prepared: with a noise like that, the chances of your replacing your rollers are pretty high, so call around your local garage door repair companies and get an idea what it would cost.

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