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Your garage door is making  a loud popping noise and you just can’t figure what it could be. Well, the most common reason for your garage door to make that popping noise may be because of your garage door rollers. What happens to the rollers, if not maintained properly just as any other mechanical objects in this world, lacked TLC, or some Tender Loving and Care, and it’s time to show your garage door system some love If your garage door is not maintained, the result of frayed rollers or even worn out rollers can be the cause of your garage door making that popping noise you keep hearing every time you open or close it. Instead of just getting by with what you have and attempting to maintain it on your own, have a garage door professional come by and advise you on exactly what you can do to keep your garage door, especially your rollers, from falling apart. In the long run, having someone come by and taking a look at your garage door just to be sure that it is the garage door rollers only and nothing else. But be prepared: with a noise like that, the chances of your replacing your rollers are pretty high, so call around your local garage door repair companies and get an idea what it would cost.

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